Amazing Most Expensive Engagement Rings of 2013

One of the most important occasions in a girl’s life is her engagement which later culminates in a grand and memorable marriage. Therefore to mark the beautiful and special occasion couples choose to wear a special ring as a mark of love for their future life partners. An engagement ring thus signifies a special bond between the romantic couple who in a very short span of time would be spending their lives together. Apparently the ring plays a very important role in bringing happiness and longing feelings to anybody’s face and life. Couples always admire the most beautiful and expensive ring with which they propose a shared life of togetherness to their future better half. Whether they can afford to buy those expensive pieces of jewelry is another issue altogether but who doesn’t want to own these luxurious rings.

Asscher Cut Diamond

This gorgeous diamond cut ring designed by renowned jeweler De Beers is one of the most attractive and luxurious rings in the world. Reportedly the expensive ring was named after the British Royal family’s gem cutters. The shape of the expensive stone resembles a square with its corners cropped. The diamond’s price range depends upon its size of carat, cut and shape. Reports suggest that the 10.19 carat ring costs $20,500 is available in places like New York, South Africa, Amsterdam and Chicago.

Secret Kiss of the Ross King

 Another beautiful ring designed by renowned South African jeweler De Beers, it is one of the most stunning diamond cut rings featuring a bud shape. This unique ring consists of two diamond rarities, a 10.9 carat stone along with a 0.80 carat pink diamond. With a combined weight of 13.38 carats, the ring costs around $525,500.