Apple Magic Track Pad

Magic Track-pad is just like the track-pad on the Mac Book Pro — but bigger. It is made with the same advanced touch-friendly and wear-resistant glass surface, but with nearly 80 percent more area, it’s the largest Multi-Touch track-pad made by Apple. So there’s even more room for you to scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate to your fingers’ content. And since the entire surface is a button that clicks, you can use it in place of a mouse.

It fits in perfectly
Magic Track-pad features the same sculpted aluminum design as the Apple's wireless keyboard, and side by side the two sit flush at the same angle and height. Go from typing to gesturing in one motion, or do both at the same time. How perfect is that?

Effortless, wireless.
Magic Track-pad works using Bluetooth technology, so you don’t have to deal with an annoying cable that dictates where you place it. Once you pair Magic Track-pad with your Bluetooth-enabled Mac, you’ll enjoy a reliable, secure connection up to 33 feet away. Magic Track-pad detects periods of inactivity, and is equipped with an on/off switch. Together these features help to conserve battery life, so you can keep gesturing for months at a time.

Get in Touch with your desktop.
The entire surface of Magic Track-pad is one large button, so you can click and double-click anywhere. Magic Track-pad also supports a full set of gestures, including two-finger scrolling, pinching to zoom, rotating with your fingertips, three-finger swiping, and activating Exposé or switching between applications with four fingers.