National Geographic Travel's Your Shot Illuminating the World gallery

Our partners over at National Geographic just created an inspiring new gallery with the photos submitted to their Your Shot community. Called National Geographic Travel's Your Shot Illuminating the World gallery, it contains spectacular, light-filled images taken by photographers all around the world.
From a classic photo of an Italian village perched high above a coast to Tokyo's brilliant display of a million LED lights, come see how places in all corners of the Earth come alive at night.

Christmas Market, Estonia
Christmas market illuminated one winter evening in the old town of Tallinn, Estonia

Yi Peng Festival, Thailand
Monks looked up at the magnificent night sky filled with
 thousands of lanterns in awe. This was the moment I've been waiting for and it lasted very quickly due to strong wind. A very heavy downpour occurred right after we left the place.
Shanghai Highways
Shanghai's famous elevated roads come to life at night as the city illuminates them with bright blue lights. Light trails from the cars lead toward the futuristic skyline of Pudong in the background.

Pitlochry, Scotland
Visited a light show in Pitlochry, Scotland
Holiday Display in Tokyo
People are walking through the Christmas night in downtown Tokyo to enjoy the illumination by millions of LED lights.

Ranohira, Madagascar

The colors of neon lights that illuminate this motel recall the colors of the Malagasy flag.